who were members of
First Church in Boston, 1630---

Code:   (A) = Admitted to Membership
           (B) = Baptised
           (C) = Full Communion
           (D) = Dismission approved
           (M) = Married in the Church
           (S) = Servant

1687 - “Dorcas, a black”
1690 - “Jame, a Negro”
           Benjamin Negroes, “husbandman,
           ‘freed from Admonition by the
           handy vote of the Church, May 11”
1695 - Sarah Negoes,
(D) from Sudbury
1696 - Elanor Pallow
(A) & her Children,            Richard, Robin, Eleanor (B)
           Lydia Pollow
1700 - Matthew Waters
           Flugilla (or Fridilla)
(B) daughter of            Jane Waters
1701 - William Pollow
1702 - James
(B), son of Jane Waters
           Luse Bush
(B&C) & her children,
           Peter & Ruth
1704 - John(B) son of Ellinore Pollo, Negro
1706 - Dina
(A&B) (S) to Deacon [Isaiah] Tays.
           Elizebeth Demorit
(A&B) & her Child            Basteen(B)
           Margret Jeffries
(B) son of Elinore Pollo
1707 - Mary Simmons
1708 - John Coffee
(A&B) Jane his wife (A&B)
           Jane, daughter of Jane Basteen
           Elizebeth Mossimee
           Richard Pollow
1709 - Abigail & Elizabeth (one about 8 years            of age), daughters of Thomas Mossimee            a Negro, were baptised, their mother            being a member of this Church
1710 - Thomas Mosseme
1714 - Elizabeth
(B) daughter of Sebastian(B)
1716 - Mingo Antee
1726 - Tidy

“At a meeting of the Church on June 4, 1727, as the First Church [Boston] was preparing to vote on the choice of an Assistant Minister to Rev. Foxcroft, Foxcroft raised the question “Whether they would proceed immediately to bring in their Votes [as members of the Church] for the Choice of a Minister, or whether there were any prepara-tory Steps necessary to be taken first?
“Then one or two Preliminaries, that were mentioned (relating to Servants or Apprentices, and Negros' voting, who belong to the Church etc. being adjusted, and no Objection made against Proceeding now; (though the Brethren were over and over invited to offer their Thoughts, if they had ought to object), They went upon the preparing their Votes for the Choice of a Minister. And the votes being collected and examined it was found that Mr Charles Chauncey [sic] was Chosen.” by T.F.
[Minutes: Thomas Foxcroft, Teaching Elder]