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1630 - Founding
1650 - The Gender Equation
1750 - Revolution
1830 - Unitarianism
1860 - Elegant Boston
1880 - A Social Ministry
1910 - Humanism
1950 - Increasing Diversity

Clergy >Ministers
             Ministerial Interns
             Music Leaders
Lay Leaders & Staff
Donors & Dedicated Laity

Foundations & Their Growth > The Errand in the Wilderness
                                                  Royalty’s Divine Right:: Puritanism
                                                  The Covenant & The Constitution
                                                  Emerson’s Patriots’ Hymn at Concord
A Story - The City Upon the Hill > Massachusetts Bay Colony
                                                       People of Color
Profiles > Anne Bradstreet
               Anne Hutchinson
                Sir William Phips
                Charles Chauncy, ‘Old Brick’
                John Lathrop
                Four Ministers Who Got Away from FCB
                Edward Everett Hale
                Rev. Edward Cummings
Theology > 3 Seminal Sermons in America’s History
                   Charity’s Modell
                   Singing Psalm’s: Congregational Duty
                   Nathaniel Frothingham's Unitarianism
                   Unitarian Universalist Views of God
                   The Progression of Religions in FCB
Controversies > A Lost Culture
                         Which is the First Church?
                         Church Censure & Reconciliation
                         Records of Disciplinary Action
                         Witchcraft: Saints and Devils
                         The Lanterns Controversy

Architecture > First Church, 1st Building 1632
                       First Church, 2nd Building 1640
                       First Church, "Old Brick" 1713
                       First Church, Chauncy Place 1808
                       First Church, Back Bay 1868
                       First Church, Present Building 1972
Music > Congregational Song

Self-Guided Tour
Succession of Gathered Churches
Merged Churches > Second Church Records
                               South Congregational Records
Bev Hart Journal 1970s
Visit to Boston, England - 2005
National Historic Trust - 2010
World-wide Outreach
Charter Day Sermons

Millenary Petition 1603
Cambridge (Eng) Agreement 1629
Mass Bay Charter 1629
First Church Covenant 1630
Body of Liberties 1641
Cambridge (MBC) Platform 1648
The “Halfway” Covenant 1736
Statement of Faith 1786
Preamble to Original Covenant 1909
By-laws 2005

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First Church Boston Music
375th Anniversary Book
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